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Rock Hard: The Rise and Fall of Sexual Detergent

A mockumentary about a successful rock star who secretly wished to be middle management in corporate America. [Editor] Dog and Pony Tour Video

Using a 1950’s newsreel style, promote the recurring Dog and Pony tours by covering a recent tour. is the Bay Area’s production directory for Film & Video, Photography, Theater, Events & Visual Merchandising. [Shot and Edited]

Yoga Journal Conference Promo

Work with Yoga Journal Conference staff to create compelling promotional video. The final product contains footage previously shot by me, footage shot by others, still photographs, and some newly shot footage. [Editor]

Business Affiars: Marcus and Natalie

Short romantic comedy written by Maria Mealla and directed by David Turner. Part of a 5-part series. [1st Assistant Director]

Inappropriate Yoga Guy

Comedic web series produced by Avi Rothman for Yoga Journal. I was the Assistant Director on set and I was instrumental in getting the project funded. As webmaster, I was tasked with steering the viral web campaign. This trailer for the series is funny, and the only thing inappropriate about it is the wacky behavior of lead character. [Assistant Director]

Almost Blue

Short film directed by Matthew Groza. [Associate Producer and 1st Assistant Director]

Video Postcard: Ranahan Production Services