3:08 PM


Director: Jimmy Giliberti
Sometimes it’s just being in the right place at the right time…
Project Number: 54
Minutes: 3
All Ages Approved
3:14 PM

Roller Derby Dames

Director: Dona Turner
Roller Derby is alive and well. This mini doc introduces the general public to the sport with footage of actual bouts and interviews with women skaters from local, SF Bay Area, and not so local, Monterey Peninsula, women’s teams . Prepared at 10 minutes for this round with hopes of winning funding for a longer piece.
Project Number: 70
Minutes: 10
All Ages Approved
3:26 PM


Director: John Howard
It is 1979 and Vic Dantana is taking his van to Vanstock, the coolest event since Woodstock; but to reach his destination, he will have to overcome a gas shortage, biker babes and an angry Sheriff.
Project Number: 79
Minutes: 10
Teen or Older
3:38 PM

Up & Out

Director: Nicole Love
“Up & Out” follows Maya through her home, work, and social world. What happens when her work life and social life collide?
Project Number: 75
Minutes: 8
Teen or Older
3:48 PM

Don’t Forget the Staples!

Director: Sergey Berezin
An ambitious director is having difficulties on his movie set. The situation quickly spins out of control. Will he be able to survive the madness?

Fast-paced short comedy loosely based on the Murphy’s law.

Project Number: 33
Minutes: 10
Teen or Older
4:00 PM

The Martinez Special

Director: Robin Parker
This is the true story about the origins of the world famous concoction, the Martini. Everything about the Martini is up for debate, including the publicized battle between Martinez and San Francisco for the right to claim its birthplace. A battle that began a long time ago.
Project Number: 4
Minutes: 10
All Ages Approved
4:12 PM

The Nightshift

Director: Armando Ucles
A black and white silent film about a married man who hides his profession as a male prostitute from his 8 year old son who thinks he is a police officer.
Project Number: 20
Minutes: 8
Teen or Older
4:22 PM

Being Gina Gold

Director: Gina Gold
What does it look like to be an ambitious, fame seeking, unemployed student, female performance artist, story teller, and blogger—with ADD, fibroids, and a six year old daughter. Being Gina Gold is a 10 minute comic documentary based on Gina Golds performance art (plays about Gina Gold’s life and opinions) and excerpts from her blog, Bitter and Resentful Mom. The film will include segments from performances, an interview, sequences of blogging, and will follow Gina as she creates and performs a 2-3 minute storytelling piece a la Carol Burnett.
Project Number: 41
Minutes: 10
Teen or Older
4:34 PM

The Dildos 3

Director: Patrick Van Wye

Writer: Jamie Sage Cotton
Imagine a parallel universe where everyone is a sex toy. Now meet the Dildos; mom, dad, jr and the twins and follow as they navigate the trials and tribulations of the everyday life of a family of sex toys. In this Episode mom returns to the working world as a substitute teacher and is shocked at how much the educational system and sex toy youth have changed in her absence.
Project Number: 76
Minutes: 5
Teen or Older
4:41 PM


Director: Wes Fischer
A young veteran returns from Iraq to his lower income, inner city community and finds difficulty re-adjusting to life back home, while internalizing the guilt he feels as a result of leaving his buddies at war.
Project Number: 16
Minutes: 10
All Ages Approved
4:53 PM

Infant Hand Eyes

Director: Alex Vietti
An animation done in charcoal.
Project Number: 86
Minutes: 3
Teen or Older
4:58 PM

Let Me Go

Director: Damu Dailey
After Label looses his girlfriend Karma, he helps Mary become a stripper
Project Number: 81
Minutes: 10
Dark Comedy
Adults Only
5:10 PM

The Vintage

Director: Samir Sinha
Jane is a quiet woman who spends her evenings alone at a local bar, awkwardly flirting with the bartender—a gangly artist-type called Dayton. One night Dayton seemingly takes the bait. What follows are snapshots of a night where everything seems to be going just right for Jane.

But we soon learn Dayton has had other plans for her all along. For Dayton to succeed, all Jane has to do is just give in– to become the person she thinks she’s always wanted to be.

As always, there’s a catch.

Project Number: 17
Minutes: 10
Teen or Older
5:22 PM

The Sparks

Director: Malachy Walsh
Two gravediggers break for lunch as the funeral of a famous inventor gets underway nearby. After one of the diggers (Earl) becomes upset that his wife has made him a mortadella sandwich instead of a bologna sandwich, his fellow gravedigger (Dave) jumps into a freshly dug grave and threatens suicide using a spork. His girlfriend it seems, the love of his life has dumped him, and feeling dead inside, he can see no reason to live.

Our mortadella sandwich gravedigger has to figure out how to get his friend out of the hole by explaining “The Sparks” that make it all worthwhile.
Project Number: 28
Minutes: 10
Teen or Older
7:05 PM

Slashed Trailer

Director: Kira Trinity
Tales of Forbidden Lust
Project Number: 59
Minutes: 1
Trailer – Not eligible for voting
All Ages Approved
7:06 PM


Director: Masahiro Sugawara
Writer: g. martinez cabrera
Cherise is a Cinderella story in reverse—kind of. It’s a dance movie that tells the story of Elliot, a shy man, an awkward man, who manages an upscale boutique where day-in and day-out, he serves the wealthy patrons who shop there. You wouldn’t know it to look at Elliot, but he is a passionate man, though too awkward to express that passion. At least that’s the case until Cherise shows up. Then, he chases her as he’s chased no other until he actually gets her—that’s when all bets are off. Cherise has a secret of her own, and Elliot has to decide if what Cherise has to offer is something he really can handle.
Project Number: 62
Minutes: 11
Teen or Older
7:20 PM

Business Affairs: Pete & Veronica

Director: Alexa Fraser-Herron
Writer: Maria Mealla
A light-hearted love story
Project Number: 99
Minutes: 11
Romantic Comedy
Teen or Older
7:34 PM


Director: Rajeev Prabhakar

Writer: Alan Greene
Mary doesn’t know how she got into this situation. One moment she’s listening to her out of work husband complain about another bill they can’t pay, and the next moment she’s in a room with two criminals and a camera case which apparently contains something more valuable than anything she’s ever touched before.

Twitchy is making her nervous because he keeps talking ’bout his boss like he is going to kill them all and Mr. Cool, Calm and Collected has a gun on the table and is clearly thinking about out how to make someone else take the fall. As her family’s sole provider, she can’t afford it. Besides, she’s had her eye on those new shoes for a while now and given everything she’s been through, it’d be a shame if she never got to wear them. All she has to do is explain the misunderstanding to this murderous crime boss and everything will be fine. After all, she’s not the criminal in the room.

Of course, that’s just her story. Let’s see what the other two have to say. Its not who stole it, or even how it was stolen, but who would steal it. You know, given the opportunity.

Project Number: 13
Minutes: 33
Teen or Older
8:10 PM


Director: Aida Daay
24 year old Abby is finally moving out of her parents home. In the process, she steals her father’s sports car from the garage, packs it with her possessions and drives it cross country to LA to begin anew. Before she gets there, she meets the charismatic wanderer, Lily, who is both a rebel and an enigma. Abby travels with her and savors a nomadic and carefree way of life, learning down the road that this lifestyle comes with a hefty price tag.
Project Number: 12
Minutes: 19
Teen or Older
8:32 PM

Business Affairs: Tomas & Jackie

Director: Maria Mealla
A light-hearted love story
Project Number: 2
Minutes: 12
Romantic Comedy
Teen or Older
8:47 PM


Director: Heather Morrison
Super sales girl, Molly rolls into Bob Howards garage and reminds him what candy, uh, really means.
Project Number: 58
Minutes: 11
All Ages Approved